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Induction Training

Induction training (or onboarding) is frequently under-used as an effective learning and development tool, focussing solely on company history, health and safety, and company policies and procedures. These things are of course important, but they do not immediately add value. Done well, induction training can offer a unique opportunity to:

  • Engage and motivate new employees from day one
  • Quickly develop competence in key job areas
  • Build trust and loyalty to the immediate team and manager

We advocate an approach to induction training that goes way beyond day 1. Investing in a well-designed induction training (or onboarding) programme, and involving the whole organisation in its successful delivery, delivers great results. Induction PLUS not only familiarises new employees with their company, their rights and responsibilities, but also ensures that they quickly become a part of the team, are able to complete all key aspects of their role to the basic standard required. This approach to induction training helps to reduce turnover, increase engagement and develop a coaching culture throughout the business.

By utilising a flexible, self-directed approach to induction that is supported by line managers and experienced colleagues, new employees can become trusted, competent team members in all key aspects of their role in just a few short weeks. An added bonus of this approach is that time ‘off the job’ is kept to a minimum for both the new starter and their manager, meaning that operational issues need not suffer.

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