Bespoke Training Design and Consultancy

People We Recommend

Power Hour Training –

High quality, low cost ready-to-use training  materials. Power Hours’ materials are designed in detail so even inexperienced trainers can run sessions with confidence. With over 25 topics available, and all from just £30. You can even buy full editable versions if you like.


Instep UK

A tried and tested training consultancy specialising in management and leadership development with a focus on practical application and delivering ‘hard and fast’ results to the bottom line.


Wave Learning

A training and development consultancy focussing on individual and team development, utilising a range of profiling methods and innovative design and delivery techniques.


Volition –

A consultancy that focuses on getting the extra 10% from managers, sales professionals and teams through coaching and tapping into emotional intelligence with a highly practical and commercial focus.


The Leadership Centre

Our partners for delivering ILM qualifications at all levels. Unlike colleges and universities, the leadership centre delivers these accredited courses in an interactive was to maximise transfer of learning to the workplace


CPD Consulting

A consultancy that specialises in working with organisations to bring about and manage change, and support the delivery of organisational development programmes. Intelligent, experienced and practical.


Creative Edge

If bite-size training is for you but you DON’T want to deliver the sessions yourself, Creative Edge offer over 100 90-minute action-packed workshops that can be delivered at your premises.


Ariadne Associates (HR) –

Providing HR advice and support to small and medium size businesses. We rely on Ariadne associates to advise us on HR content in training courses as they live in the real work, and focus on application not  paperwork.


My Training Resources

A whole range of downloadable training resources ranging from single page handouts, exercises and activities to full-day training sessions.