Bespoke Training Design and Consultancy

Training Delivery

We design training programmes and workshops so that you can deliver them yourselves or use local tried and tested trainers if you prefer. Of course, we are happy to deliver them if you wish. In addition to delivering the training sessions we design we will also deliver existing training that you may have. So, if you have workshops but no-one to deliver them, or want to free up internal trainers for more strategic work we can help. Although we are North-West based, we have a small team of highly experienced trainers who are able to deliver throughout the UK.

Generally we don’t run ‘standard’ courses, but we do have a few that are available:

  • Design Effective Training – A two-day workshop that will enable people to create impactful workshops that maximise the transfer of learning.
  • Train the Trainer – A two-day workshop that provides new or inexperienced trainers with the skills needed to run engaging and interactive training sessions
  • Power Hour Bite Size Training Sessions – Over 40 1 to 3 hour sessions on a range of topics
  • Internal Customer Service – A one-day workshop that examines the internal customer relationships within your organisation and how these affect the external customer experience
  • Manage your Monkeys – A half-day workshop that helps line managers to be less busy and more productive at work”