Can you copywrite learning?

In the independent trainer community, there are at LOT of conversations about intellectual property and copywrite of materials. Most trainers are very precious about their material and don’t want anyone else (not even their clients) to have it. Am I hopelessly naive, extremely generous or just plain stupid by not being precious about the ownership of the training I create? How can you copywrite learning? I create training for one purpose and one purpose only…. to give people ideas, skills, methods and information to enable them to do their jobs better. People aren’t just going to learn from me or the training I write – they will learn from a whole host of sources, many of them completely out of my, their manager’s or even their company’s control. The training I write is just one piece of the learning puzzle. For it to REALLY make a difference, many things come into play: The accuracy of the TNA The design of the solution The ‘fit’ with individual learning styles The timing of the training The readiness of the learner to learn The context in which the training is delivered The skills of the trainer The quality of the materials The reinforcement … Continue reading Can you copywrite learning?