Is training design really necessary?

I confess that today I’m having a bit of a professional crisis. Keystone Development is founded on the design of detailed, brain friendly, practical and complete training solutions. We’ve always felt that our job is to provide a seamless link between what is in the client’s head, and what actually get delivered in the training room regardless of who delivers that training, when or where. To this end we provide detailed training materials. Not a script (I want to be clear about that!), but a session plan that gives the trainer clear direction about what they should be covering along with suggestions as to how they may do that. Our delegate materials can be referred to long after, and make sense outside of the training event itself. In essence we try to take away the risk: The risk of meanings getting lost between the briefing and the delivery, and the risk of meaning being lost between delivery and application. However I have been increasingly made aware that many businesses and certainly many trainers don’t value this sort of service. Some businesses see this level of design as nothing more than a layer of extra cost whilst trainers and see it … Continue reading Is training design really necessary?