It’s a Kind of Magic

Forgive the cheesy title. I went to see Queen and Adam Lambert in concert last night, and it’s this what has inspired my thoughts today. As we left, I wondered “How can two OAPs, a bunch of session musicians and a runner up from ‘American Idol’ pack stadiums across Europe?” Taking nothing away from Brian May and Roger Taylor (the latter who we met once, briefly, in Spain by the way… but I digress) who are rock legends and exceptional musicians, or the amazing power and range of Adam Lambert’s voice, the real draw was the songs: Songs that were written (some 40 years ago) and still sound incredible, even though they are being performed by someone new. Good songs stand the test of time. Good songs get covered over and over. Good songs stick in our heads… and of course, the same is true of training. A well written training programme, workshop or one-off session will work no matter who ‘performs’ it, where or when. It will always have an impact and it will always deliver results. Although I can’t promise to deliver the training equivalent of Bohemian Rhapsody, if you want quality training programmes designed for your business that … Continue reading It’s a Kind of Magic