We’re Jammin’ … L&D Style

I’ve just returned from a fabulous creative meeting with one of my clients. Three of them and I sat in a room for 3 hours and just talked about: What they need their managers to do more of What they ought to do less of What they see happening – good and bad What they’ve heard about happens in other places Our collective experience of what works and what doesn’t How people can learn to do more of the good stuff What genuinely gets in their way, and what excuses they hear What we can realistically cover in a training session What people need to learn for themselves How the whole thing can be implemented and measured At the end, we were all very pleased and the Senior Manager in the room said “Great. That’s that module designed then”. To a point, he’s exactly right, and to a point, he couldn’t be more wrong! What we have is a clear plan of what the session will look like: what the pre-course work will be, what will be explored in the live event (and how), and what people will be expected to do to put the learning into practice. However, it is … Continue reading We’re Jammin’ … L&D Style