Making a GOOD training course BETTER

My main job is to write training courses. Like many training professionals, I can write a pretty course relatively quickly and easily. Recently, I was writing a personal effectiveness workshop for a client. At the end of the day, the session plan was done. No slides, workbooks or other supporting material, but the ‘core’ of the programme was there. It was good in that it: Contained good, useful information and theories Flowed well Was planned at a good pace Followed Accelerated Learning principles Had a good balance of trainer input and group work Made links to previous training to reinforce key points Had a specific call to action at the end But I wasn’t happy with it. I thought it was boring. True, I had included lots of activities but they were all quite similar. So I put myself in the position of a delegate. Would I find these activities useful? – Yes. Would I find them interesting? Would they stick in my mind? – No. So, I researched and found more interesting and ‘active’ exercises to replace some of the content to make it more impactful. Good. Now my delegates would enjoy the course as well as finding it useful. But I still wasn’t happy. … Continue reading Making a GOOD training course BETTER