Training Design: The Neverending Story

This summer we decided to redecorate our lounge. We had a reasonable budget and thought it would be plenty to repaint, get a new carpet, new curtains, and replace the old-fashioned fireplace. Of course the first task was deciding exactly what we were going to do. This took longer than expected as although my husband and I agreed on the big things, we tended to disagree on the details. In the end we reached a compromise and set about pricing up and planning our new look living room. Of course things didn’t go to our initial plan. The first major change was to realise that we didn’t need a fire at all. Why spend hundreds of pounds on something that we never use? So instead of replacing our old fire with a new one we decided to have it removed. This saved us money but delayed the project as now we had to find someone who could remove a gas fire, brick up the hole and plaster over it.   The removing of the gas fire also left us with an unanticipated problem: the fact that we now had a big gap in the skirting board. No problem will just … Continue reading Training Design: The Neverending Story