The path of least resistance

As a rule, we human beings like to have an easy life. There is a well-known law in physics that states that an object moving along a system will always choose the path of least resistance i.e. it will naturally select the route that is easiest to negotiate. People are no different. It doesn’t mean to say that we don’t have goals and won’t overcome difficulties. It does mean that where options exist, we are predisposed to choosing the option that requires the least work. This principle is also true of learning. People are naturally curious and almost everyone is interested in learning new things. However, desire does not always result in action, and this is often because the path seems to be riddled with resistance. As a professional training designer, it is my job to reduce the amount of resistance that the learner is likely to encounter in any program. I do this in three very simple ways: 1. What’s in it for me? (WIIFM). It is the business that commissions the training I write, and the business has clear outcomes that it wants to achieve. However this is often of little or no importance to the individual learner. … Continue reading The path of least resistance