The Perfect size 11

For many women clothes shopping is a treat and a joy. Not for me. Take away the fact that I have to do it with kids in tow, or in a very short timescales, but I still get little joy. This is for two reasons: first being that I am short, and the second being that I am the perfect size 11. It is so hard to find clothes that fit me well. I either have to buy size 12, which makes me feel slim, but also tends to hang quite shapelessly, and not look that great. I can squeeze myself into a size 10, which is great for the ego and looks fine as long as I’m standing up and breathing in. Buying skirts that are too long isn’t necessarily a problem, especially now the longer lengths are in fashion. The downside of this is I can’t get along length dress that doesn’t drag on the floor! And that’s the problem with off-the-shelf training. Unless you are a standard business with standard people who have standard training needs it is unlikely to be quite right. You will have parts of the training that you don’t need, or you will … Continue reading The Perfect size 11