Unlocking Learning

“Help! I’ve lost my car keys!” Was the cry I heard on the school run a few days ago. The lady in question has one of ‘these new cars’ where you don’t put your key in the ignition. My husband has one too. He thinks it’s great. He never looses his key. He gets in the car, puts the key in his trouser pocket and thinks no more of it. Brilliant. As long as you’re a man. Men tend to always have trouser pockets: Whether in shorts, jeans or smart wear for work, there’s a pocket. I hate this little gimmick. Apart from my jeans, my clothes tend NOT to have pockets. Skirts, dresses and smart trousers just don’t have them, so where to put the key? It’s a problem. The person (presumably a man) who came up with this idea couldn’t see a flaw. It works for him, so why wouldn’t it work for everyone else? There’s a danger that we all start to see the world through our own particular lens, and this is also true of when we are planning, designing and delivering training. I’m on twitter, and the view of a number of twitter users is … Continue reading Unlocking Learning